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Suicide Prevention - All Of Us Can Help

Suicide prevention need not be left to helplines or suicide prevention centers managed by professionals or mental health workers. All of us, whatever the nature of our jobs or wherever we may be can pitch in for preventing some unfortunate persons taking their own lives.

All that we need to know are a few facts about the ubiquitous nature of it.

The risk of suicide is greater in persons

Suffering from chronic physical diseases, epilepsy and alcoholism.
Persons suffering from Schizophrenia or Depression can also at times opt for suicide.
Lack of social support system and poverty can be the aggravating factors.
Old lonely men with problems of insomnia, weight loss or feeling of hopelessness are at increased risk for the suicide.

There is no truth in the idea that people who talk suicide do not enact it. Direct statement of suicide intent should never be taken lightly as most suicides are executed after careful planning and are not just impulsive acts.

The best suicide prevention is recognition of the suicide intent by the support group and help the person in managing the problem or the illness.

Denial of the problem hastens suicide.

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