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Alzeimers Disease – How Best To Manage ?

• Alzheimer’s is the commonest form of presenile dementia and it manifests as impairment of recent memory, orientation and intellectual abilities. Behaviour gets disorganized, inappropriate and disinhibited. Patients are not capable of performing tasks requiring sustained concentration and are restless.

• It is important to give as few drugs as possible as the drugs are likely to increase the impairment of consciousness. The medicines are at times required to calm the patient during daytime and to induce sleep at night. Haloperidol/Risperidol / Olanzapine in small doses are recommended for day time and Benzodiazepine/ Alzopralam are useful for inducing sleep.

• Although few medicines are being advocated to halt the progression of the disease, in my opinion to date most of these donot have much effect.

• Prevention is better than cure. This seems to be true for this disease also. The best prevention talked about is constant and continual training, taxing and teasing of the brain by engaging in mental work involving new learning like mastering a new language, training left hand for performing every day tasks or solving puzzles, crosswords etc.

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