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Stress Busting

The experience of stress is an attitudinal problem.

It is all in the mind and your own creation.

It is considered fashionable to be stressed.

Being stressed for some means having arrived, success, fame money and what not. Not being stressed for others means underachievement, laid-back existence of no consequence.

Persons with chronic inadequacy of sleep and physical fatigue due to long working hours are being touted as stressed.

There is no single medical condition, which qualifies solely as caused by stress.

The so-called stress induced conditions are either diseases of unknown etiologies (causes) or are caused by multiple reasons.

Some of these diseases are: Generalized Anxiety Disorders with symptoms of irritability, anxiety, indecisiveness, sleep problems, lack of appetite.

Sexual inadequacy, Irritable bowel syndrome, migraine, coronary artery disease, high blood pressure, diabetes are all disorders of multiple etiologies and stress in the form of physical fatigue and sleep deprivation is only an aggravating factor.

The best way of stress busting is to have a life style of doing only that much which the human body is capable of. There should be time to work, time to play and time to love with 6 to 7 hours of sleep thrown in every 24 hours.

All varieties of Yoga (branded or otherwise), meditation or relaxation exercises have the same stress busting effect as any other entertainment or interesting and pleasurable activity.

It is IMPORTANT to remember that stress busting in itself is not sufficient to manage the diseases considered to be caused by it. The diseases would need the expert medical attention for their management.

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