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Computer Vision Syndrome Simple remedies

Do your eyes water after working on the computer ?

Do your eyes burn/itch after working on the computer ?

Do you feel heaviness in your eyes or get a headache after working on the computer ?

If the answer to any of the questions is yes You may be suffering from computer vision syndrome.

What should I do ?

First understand why these symptoms occur

While watching the screen constantly our blinking rate goes down. This increases tear evaporation. This can cause dryness which leads to itching , burning and reflex production of more tears which cause watering.

Solution Voluntarily blink more while working on the computer. If the symptoms persist use artificial tear supplement eye drops.

You have to constantly change the focusing power of the eye as the distance of the screen is different from that of the keyboard. This might cause fatigue and lead to heaviness.

Solution Give rest to your eye. Do not work continuously longer than 2-3 hours at a stretch. Take a break in between. Even a 10-15 minute break might be sufficient.
If you experience blurring of letters/figures, get your eye power checked for distance and near.

Adopt correct posture. Abnormal posture leads to generalized fatigue, backache and headache. Your computer screen should be at a level slightly below your eye level. You should not have to look up to see the computer screen. This can cause neck pain.

Do anti-glare screens help ?

These may help some but not all. Make sure that room lights donot fall directly on the screen causing disturbing reflections. These can be annoying and discomforting.

Does working on the computer damage the eyes ?

Working long hours on the computer may cause discomfort due to various reasons mentioned above, however to date there is no definite evidence that computer screen causes harm to the eye.

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