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Drug Abuse and Addiction

Human beings have a need to experience and explore the limits of conscious experience. In their quest for divinity they have been using conscious enhancing substances and have succumbed to their ill effects.

The list of substances so used or abused is long but basically consists of products derived from opium (smack, heroin), cannabis (ganga, charas, marihuana, grass), tobacco (nicotine), stimulant drugs as amphetamines (speed), alcohol, LSD, mescaline, cocaine. Glue or petrol sniffing is also indulged in for the same purpose. Non-medical use of tranquillizers, sedatives and cough syrups also form the part of the list of abused substances.

The ultimate problem with the use and abuse of these substances is dependence and addiction. Due to dependence the amount of the substance needed to produce the same degree of pleasurable effect goes on increasing progressively. Addicted individuals suffer from severe disabling and disturbing physical and psychological disorders when deprived of their usual fix.

The personality and life style of the addicted person changes as the person lives only to procure his/her daily quota of abused substance. Motivation, initiative and creativity get stifled. Insanity with frightening hallucinations or delusions is a common happening. Liver, heart, brain and kidneys are gradually destroyed by all the conscious-enhancing substances.

The addicts tend to die untimely death due either to substance overdose or physical complications of the abused substances.

The best management of the dependence and addiction is its prevention. One should always resist the temptation of experimenting with drug under peer pressure as the saying once an addict always an addict is true. The management of an addicted person is a long drawn process needing medical help, counseling and rehabilitation.

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